Jumpers Jumpies Party Rentals - Bounce House Rentals in Hinkley
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Bounce House Rentals in Hinkley

Bounce House Rentals in Hinkley

Jumpers Jumpies Bounce House Rentals in Hinkley, outside of Chicago, make planning your child's next birthday as easy as a beautiful Sunday party afternoon.  We can also make it easy on a Friday, Saturday or any other day you may desire. Nothing will make your child and his or her friends happier than spending hours jumping inside one of our many moonbounces, waterslides, or combo bounce houses.

Planning your child's birthday party in the Hinkley suburbs of Chicago, Jumper's Jumpies Bounce House Party Rentals provide the best prices, largest selection and simplest solution for planning a family friendly function. Our bounce houses in Hinkley come in a variety of themes that will please your child no matter how old they may be. We offer free delivery for a moonbounce, waterslide, and combo bounce houses.

No matter what the event, if a child will be there, do yourself a favor and call Jumper's Jumpies Bounce House Party Rental in Hinkley today! Let your child get carried away into a land of bounce play. If you are located in Hinkley or the surrounding areas of Chicagoland and are ready to start planning your party, fill out our contact form or call 815-970-7447. 

Posted on Mon, Jun 22, 2015 - 12:59 PM
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