Jumpers Jumpies Party Rentals - Summertime Inflatable Jumpy Rentals in Dekalb IL
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Summertime Inflatable Jumpy Rentals in Dekalb IL

Summertime Inflatable  Jumpy Rentals in Dekalb IL

Planning a summertime extravaganza can be a stressful undertaking, all in the name of sending the season off with a bang. Labor Day weekend is fast approaching and if you're in the Dekalb IL area, let Jumper Jumpies Inflatable Party Rentals help you get more bang for your buck!

Children are everywhere at a family and friends gathering and its important to make sure that they are well occupied. You want to enjoy the party too, right? There's nothing more children love than jumping up and down. There's nothing more adults love than relaxing on a summer afternoon.  Let's bring these ideas together so everyone enjoys themselves as the summer gives way to fall.  

Serving the Dekalb area of Chicago, our inflatable jumpy house rentals come in a vast variety of styles, themes and sizes.  We have Moonbounces, Giant Water Slides, and Combo Units perfect for a boy or girl of any age! The inflatables are always new, inspected, sanitized, and cleaned before and after each use. We will even throw in a free delivery!

If there will be children at your next event in the Dekalb area of Chicago, do yourself a favor and call Jumper's Jumpies inflatable jumpy rentals today! You'll be able to relax, catch up with friends, and enjoy the event as your children are whisked away to the magical land of bouncy play. If you are located in Dekalb or the surrounding areas of Chicagoland and are ready to start planning, fill out our contact form or call 815-970-7447. 

Posted on Wed, Aug 05, 2015 - 11:55 PM
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