Jumpers Jumpies Party Rentals - Labor Day Bounce House Rentals In Dekalb
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Labor Day Bounce House Rentals In Dekalb

Labor Day Bounce House Rentals In Dekalb

Tis' the season for warm weather, cookouts, picnics and big summertime blowouts! But if you take a look at your calendar, that season is about to expire!  Labor Day weekend is right around the corner and if you're thinking of having an outdoor party, the planning needs to start now.  

One of the most important considerations for any event is how the children will be occupied. The last thing you need is a bunch of bored kids.  Bored kids are unhappy kids and unhappy kids make for unhappy parents. Give them something to do, so you can enjoy yourself! Nothing will satisfy your child's energy and excitement like an Inflatable Bounce House Party Rental from Jumper's Jumpies.

Servicing the Dekalb areas of IL, our inflatable jumpy bounce house party rentals provide the best prices, largest selection and simplest solution for planning a family friendly function. Our bounce houses come in a variety of boy and girl themes, sure to please ages from Kindergarten to tween! And if that isn't enough incentive, how about we throw in free delivery for moonbounces, waterslides, and combo Bounce Houses?

If there will be children at your next event, do yourself a favor and call Jumper's Jumpies Inflatable Bounce House Party Rental today! You'll be able to relax, catch up with friends, and enjoy the event as your children are whisked away to the magical land of bouncy play. If you are located in Dekalb or the surrounding areas of Chicago and are ready to start planning your party, call us today! 815-970-7447

Posted on Sun, Aug 09, 2015 - 10:52 AM
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